The Hedgehog’s Cannabis Cocktail Spikers Island Mai Tai from Winterlife Cannabis


Available at Evergreen Market in Renton & Auburn.

It’s always fun when cannabis products are unique, new and exciting, and Cannabis Cocktail Spikers from Winterlife Cannabis hits all those marks. The product itself is totally original. No need to smoke, vape or even eat this cannabis product! Simply add a shot from the included measuring cup for an exact dose of cannabis, and a deliciously flavored cocktail. Perfect for the newbie cannabis user who wants control over dosage, and to enjoy cannabis like any other product, without requiring additional equipment such as a water pipe or vaporizer. This would also be the perfect thing to bring to a social gathering. Plenty to share, and easy to dose for both heavy cannabis users and novices alike. Aside from the obvious perks of the nature of this product, it just happens to be gorgeously packaged as well. The clear bottle allows you to see the unique and lovely color of the product, while the label clearly states all of the necessary info, like dosage, ingredients and nutrition facts.

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