The Healthy Element

Name of Dispensary: The Healthy Element

Address: 430 Carpenter Rd., SE, Suite
A, Lacey, WA

Phone number: (360) 556-7247


Interviewed: Graham and Aaron (owners)

and when did your access pointstart up?

We just came together to support the patients, we wanted to help.
We are not about money here.

would you say that your access pointoffers patients that they can’t find
anywhere else?

We actually have quite a few products that you wouldn’t be
able to find anywhere else in this area: The Cannivita, Oils by Iven and TJ’s.
We are the only place that carries the Bubbler too. We are always looking for
that next best thing that nobody has.

have you seen the MJ/MMJ industry change since you started in this business?

We are just starting to see a major change, with I-502. I
would like to see medicinal stay. I don’t care about 502, I would rather see
the patients get taken care of and not have to pay 20 dollars a gram. I will
pay taxes; I’m not against that.

are the biggest joys of being in this industry and having an access point?

Just dealing with the patients and seeing
the medicine work.

is the one thing that you want patients to know about your access point?

We have a wide array of products. We
have products with CBD’s, we have different edibles and we have different
flowers. There are a lot of places that don’t have this much selection. I’d say
we stand out in that way, but we also bring comfort to our customers. A lot of
places just try to push people out and we are actually going to have three
stations here though. Unlike other places where they treat you more like a
customer, this is more of a personal experience.

is the most important thing that you hope to accomplish while in the MMJ

I’m just helping people, I’m not trying
to get rich or get my name out there. 

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