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thin-lizzy-tsirogianni-karolina-01 (40)THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN

Thin Lizzy is back on the road once again, bringing its well-known rock and roll sound to audiences lucky enough to live in the European countries that the band is touring. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for Thin Lizzy fans in other parts of the world however! Turn your summer into the adventure of a lifetime as you travel to Europe to get a glimpse of the great talent and showmanship that is Thin Lizzy. Take flight and head to Germany, Spain, England or Sweden, and take advantage of those country’s lax or strict cannabis rules while you’re there. With that in mind, here are some things you should know about cannabis culture in Europe.

-June 17, Freilichtbühne Loreley

St. Goarshausen, Germany

-June 18, Bietigheim Viaduct

Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Kicking off its summer tour in Germany, Thin Lizzy will be visiting the German cities St. Goarshausen and Bietigheim-Bissingen for two exclusive performances for the Monsters of Rock Festival. The last time the band played this show was in 1983, shortly before the group disbanded. Thankfully, that wasn’t the last time that these Irish legends will perform at this festival for fans of classic rock ‘n roll. If you plan on checking out Thin Lizzy during its stop in Germany, remember that while Germany recently shared that it will be legalizing medical cannabis in 2017, recreational use still remains illegal. While the amount of cannabis an individual may be in possession of without being prosecuted varies from state to state, in the country’s capital, Berlin, the limit is 15 grams, according to The Local.

-July 17, Rock Fest

Barcelona, Spain

A month after hitting stages in Germany, Thin Lizzy will be playing at Spain’s third annual Rock Fest in Barcelona, a three-day all-metal festival with a killer line-up. Although cannabis is illegal in Spain, the country’s cannabis clubs are run with little intervention from the law. All one has to do is become a member of these establishments to use the plant. Also, it is ok to use cannabis privately inside one’s residence, which is why the clubs are common, so be prepared to share a bong with your fellow cannabis lovers (which is a very common practice in Spanish cannabis culture). Spain was one of the first European countries to decriminalize cannabis, and those who wish to medicate in Barcelona will find the city has first-rate plants from Morocco. However, Spain’s laws against trafficking are severe so never take stashes in or out of the country.

-July 23, Ramblin’ Man Fair

Maidstone, England

Going over to the U.K. to play at another young musical festival, Thin Lizzy will be one of many legendary bands to performing at the second Ramblin’ Man Fair. Dubbed “a rock festival designed for rock fans by rock fans,” the Ramblin’ Man Fair features the best in contemporary and progressive rock, blues and country. Although cannabis use remains illegal in the U.K. it is widely used across the country and has even been practically legalized in North East England, according to VICE. This past month, the U.K. Liberal Democrats became the country’s first major party to support recreational cannabis legalization with a measure it approved in March. Currently, penalties for possession of cannabis vary from first, second and third offence.

-August 6, Skogsröjet Festival

Rejmeyre, Sweden

Thin Lizzy will finish off its European tour in Sweden at the Skogsröjet Festival, which has been around since 2006. While Thin Lizzy’s anniversary may make you want to take a celebratory toke, think before you do so. Possession, transportation and cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Sweden and officials strictly enforce these laws. Because of this strict regulation, it is often hard to purchase cannabis in Sweden as its use rate is below 10 percent.

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