Tempting and Trending Innovations from Wana Brands are consistent, potent and widely available

Step into a Colorado dispensary and there’s a good chance you’ll see at least one Wana Brands product on the shelf. Having begun making edibles nine years ago in the early days of commercial edible products, through experimentation and innovation, the company has transformed itself into a powerhouse in the edibles market in Colorado and beyond.

An estimated two out of every $10 dollars spent on edibles in Colorado are spent on Wana products, including confectionary drops, a rainbow of flavored gummies and extended release caplets. “Why are we so popular?” asked Julia Bright, director of marketing for Wana Brands. “I think it comes down to three things . . . People know that they’re are getting a very consistent, potent and delicious product, and they come back to us over and over again.”

Wana Brand’s influence grows deep roots beyond the Colorado border. The company recently added Michigan and Illinois to its states of interest, which also includes Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. It also plans to include California and Florida soon, with hopes that it can expand into Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington. Future expansion into Canada is also something that Stephanie Daly, director of out-of-state-operations, said that the company is keeping an eye on. Health Canada recently released draft regulations for the next wave of regulated cannabis products, including edibles. “[Edibles] are not currently allowed in Canada, but it looks like they will be allowed towards the end of 2019,” Daly told CULTURE.

The company prides itself in its community representation as well. Currently it is sponsoring two Colorado athletes, a part of a growing trend for cannabis companies to show their involvement in the state. Endurance athlete Flavvie Tokken is a former bodybuilder and United States Army veteran, Martha Triantafillides is a yogi who also leads retreats in Greece with Blue Island Yoga. “We want to show people that you can enhance your life with Wana products, no matter who you are or what you do,” said Bright.

“People know that they’re are getting a very consistent, potent and delicious product, and they come back to us over and over again.”


She also noted that Wana Brands offers a unique selection of CBD products for many different consumers—including those who have dietary restrictions. Part of Wana Brands’ flexibility lies in the variety and consistency of its products, which range greatly in ratios of CBD and THC, and each option is created not only considering flavor but ease of digestion. The company infuses the products during the cooking process and uses natural ingredients, avoiding sorbitol or mineral oil. “We wanted to make a clean product, we wanted to make a delicious product, and we were focused on providing the best gummie texture on the market,” said Bright about the company’s gluten-free and vegan edibles. “We tested over 25 different types of pectin to come up with the combination that we were happy with.” The company recently added the bright citrus flavor of yuzu, available in several markets including Colorado.

Also among its new innovations is more environmentally-friendly packaging. Cannabis products have historically been considered wasteful in regards to packaging, requiring plastic child-proof containers that are generally not recycled. “We’re actually switching our present packaging for gummies to new biodegradable packaging,” said Bright. The company is dropping the baggie, vial and box for one single package with a freshness seal. “As part of Wana’s overall CSR program, we make the environment a top priority.”

“We want to show people that you can enhance your life with Wana products, no matter who you are or what you do,.”


And if that weren’t enough, Wana Brands has also released a line of pull-to-activate disposable vapes last fall. The company utilized opinions from dispensaries and budtenders when researching the vape market, and heard that failing hardware and poor taste were common factors in disposable vape products. Using reliable hardware and a unique, discreet design, Wana Brands’ vape pens use a ceramic heating element to warm the 300mg of CO2 distilled, organically-grown concentrate. “It’s super easy to use, no buttons to fool around with . . . you just draw the vape and enjoy it,” Bright noted.





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