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Tap Into Creative Flow Using Cannabis




There are plenty of ways to become more creative in life. The simplest ways include basic doodling, creating a clean work space, participating in a new activity that is out of your comfort zone or taking a walk in nature—of course, it all depends on the creative outlet you seek. Do you want to paint more? Write more? Invent something new? These are all great ideas, but some people don’t realize that cannabis has the ability to coax your brain into a new way of thinking.

Although countless cannabis consumers report that they experience a boost in creativity when trying cannabis, there are only a few studies that confirm it. One 2011 study discovered that cannabis can directly affect divergent thinking, which is a component of creativity. “Cannabis use may increase an aspect of creativity (verbal generation) in cannabis users with low trait creativity, though convergent thinking may be required in order to generate more meaningful associations from divergent thinking,” the study notes.

Additionally, a 2014 study also notes that certain strains of cannabis can be used to affect divergent thinking. “The findings suggest that cannabis with low potency does not have any impact on creativity, while highly potent cannabis actually impairs divergent thinking.”

More recently, a 2015 study noted that cannabis can increase divergent thinking, but did so more prominently when the cannabis being consumed was not very potent. It claims that overly potent cannabis can hinder creativity, whereas medium strength cannabis allowed consumers to feel more creative.

So how can a cannabis consumer take advantage of this information? Consume some cannabis of course! Traditionally, many sativa strains allow consumers to unlock their hidden potential when it comes to thinking outside of the box, but often enough many hybrids and even a few indicas can also get the job done. Try a few of these unique strains to see how you react to a new level of divergent thinking:

Lamb’s Bread Sour Diesel: A sativa-dominant hybrid like this one is able to give consumers an “ecstatic, energetic, focused and creative buzz” that’s said to be a reliable strain for inducing creative thinking.

Purple Urkle: This indica-dominant strain is said to be great for boosting creativity, and highly encourages that even those who consider themselves to be the most uncreative people, attempt to color in an adult-coloring book or participate in other artistic activities.

LA Cheese: This well-balanced hybrid strain is famous for its uplifting effects, which will give creativity-seekers the ability to up their game (and also helps in treating a number of medical conditions as well)!

Pickle: This fast-acting hybrid will get any creativity thinkers back on track. It’s said to be great for concentration, allowing consumers to still function like normal but with the ability to be “creative and fluid in thought.”

XJ-13: Many bet on the citrusy flavors of this sativa to awaken new thoughts in their minds. It’s reliable as a motivator for creative types who want to do things during the day.


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