Tangerine Stealth Stick


Available at LivWell Enlightened Health.

Unlike the rush to develop radar-defying plane technology, the Infusiasm Hybrid Stealth Stick won’t wind up costing you millions of dollars. Take that, Russia! Acquired without secret clearance from LivWell Enlightened Health in Denver, the proprietary blend mixes hybrid BHO with actual fruit terpenes, providing a flavor experience that boosts the high instead of additives in traditional e-cigs. Slightly smaller than many pens we’ve seen, the Stealth Stick is truly meant for those on-the-go, with a sharp black exterior perfect for hiding in the shadows. Ideal for those interested in a functioning buzz, several hits provided a balanced mind and body effect that didn’t leave us awake all night on a stakeout, but also didn’t knock us out like a double agent from behind. Try the Stealth Stick if you suffer from migraines or have trouble with nausea and need relief when you least expect it.

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