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Tacocat is on a roll. Not on a tortilla, contrary to popular belief. With an album coming out in April, and a tour spanning all over the U.S. and Europe, the future’s looking bright for the West Coast’s hottest band.

Tacocat’s newest single off their upcoming album Lost Time is titled “I Hate the Weekend.” It brings with it Tacocat’s legendary energy, sass and noisy pizazz, but adds a contactable chorus and pop polish that makes it sure to be a hit. And just in time for spring break. So if you’re doing any partying this spring, be sure to bring Tacocat. It won’t disappoint.

The album has the band working with a new producer, Erik Blood. Blood has lent his production talents to local bands The Moondoggies, and The Lights, among others. His production finesse, coupled with Tacocat’s hot buzz, make for some enjoyable listening, and lead singer Emily Nokes agrees.“I would describe him generally as a beautiful wizard,” Nokes said to KEXP, “who, in our opinion, took the album to the next level. Wizard level.”

But Tacocat’s fun, non-stop-party, spring-break-ready sound will come as no surprise to any of their fans. In fact, Tacocat even has a song called “Spring Break-Up”, a girl-powered break-up ballad that manages to be fun and true at the same time. With album names like Shame Spiral, and Take Me to Your Dealer and its edgy, bubble-gum pop rock sounds, it’s clear that Tacocat knows how to party well.

Drummer Lelah Maupin, guitarist Eric Randall, singer and tambourine master, Emily Nokes and bass player Bree McKenna make up the quartet that is Tacocat. On the very selective list of Tacocat hearts listed on their site, weed was among them. Their cannabis-ready tracks make them a perfect fit for CULTURE. So, we snagged Eric Randall for a one-on-one about the band’s success, influence and favorite plant.


When and how did Tacocat get its start?

Eric Randall: Around 2007-2008, Bree and I, the bass player, started jamming together and having a good time. We thought we had something going, so we brought in Emily. Lelah and Emily had never played in a band before, but we had heard Emily singing in the car. And we thought she had a really good voice—and that was an understatement.

Where are you from?

Lelah and I are both from Longview, Washington. We went to high school together. Bree is from Long Beach, California, and Emily’s from Butte, Montana. We’re West Coasters for sure.

 What artists have influenced Tacocat’s sound?

The Ramones, Bikini Kill, The Go Gos and Joan Jett, to name a few.

Has the cannabis culture of the PNW impacted your art? If so how?

I’ve written a lot of my songs when I was stoned. And I love the culture up here, around it, to be honest. But I think it does make me more creative at times.

Do you have a favorite piece of work to appreciate while under the influence of cannabis?

I always like to listen to Andrew W.K. and then, I always like to listen to our new album because it’s like listening to it for the first time sometimes, you know?


March 31

Lost Time Record Release Party @ Chop Suey in Seattle