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Super Lemon OG Live Resin





Available at Various collectives throughout California.

Quite possibly the lightest-colored shatter we have ever encountered, this Super Lemon OG Live Resin lives up to the Emerald Cup brand in taste as well. Southern Humboldt Concentrates partnered with Emerald Cup products to bring the highest quality concentrates to the market. Dubbed “Live Resin,” the extract was a hard, near-clear-gold translucent wafer and the distilled essence of the hit strain Super Lemon OG. It would be hard to mistake the lemony OG desert taste for anything else. We’ve rarely encountered such flavorful shatter. Live Resin runs usually involve buds that are fresh frozen and extracted, rather than dried and cured, which costs terpenes and other oils. Fresh, pristine, indoor Super Lemon OG must have gone into this extract—there’s no other way to get such fine results. Sativa hybrid extracts are used mainly during the day to manage a variety of conditions, patients report.

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