Super Glue

Available at California Collective Care in Vallejo.

Ever think a strain shouldn’t be called what it is because the effects are nothing like the name? Well, that’s definitely not the case here with Super Glue from California Collective Care. Sticky but not icky, breaking apart these adhesive nugs is a task in and of itself but well worth it, because once it’s inhaled, there’s no more work getting done. The pungent and sour aroma is reminiscent of a cross between glue and a den of skunks. Long and wiry calyxes wrap around each other and are bound together by the heaps of tacky trichomes. A breathtaking sage green value is present on the strain and could be stared at for hours on end. Strong diesel tastes overpower the tangy flavors but pair together quite nicely. Bay Area locals know that California Collective Care always offers the best buds, and it’s where to find the Super Glue.

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