Sunset Sherbet


Available at We Grow, Education & Collective in Flint. 

Feast your eyes on an extraordinarily dense bud with plum colored calyxes, so tightly packed that they can barely be distinguished from their neighbor. Trichome coated leaves of green create a patterned camouflage effect against the plum, with the slightest peek of earthy orange hairs breaking up the clusters. Patients looking to relieve symptoms associated with arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, nausea and PMS, have noted that this indica-dominant hybrid (85/15) testing at 19 percent THC, provided a happy, euphoric sense of aid. The result of Girl Scout Cookies being crossed with Pink Panties, this strain smells like a slightly sour cookie with a floral undertone. Indulge responsibly.

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