Summer Satisfaction

It’s finally here .
. . Summer. the bright warm sun, the light breezes, the birds chirping and the
bees buzzing. Everyone is just a little bit more content, the warm weather
fills our bodies and our hearts with peace and celebration. The season of summer
officially begins with the summer solstice, on June 21, but we have already
begun to feel the lovely perks of summer rolling in. This time of year is not just
for sun tans and barbeques, but is a perfect time to celebrate the light of
consciousness within ourselves individually and as a community, and to reflect
upon the potential for consciousness to awaken. The summer solstice is the
final climax of the sun’s journey from the past year; it culminates its
year-long trip with the “longest day” of light in the year with the solstice.

The Druids, Egyptians, Mayans, Essenes, Romans and many other
ancient cultures have aligned their sacred sites and spaces to the summer
solstice and would conduct celebratory ceremonies on this day. At the Pyramids
of Egypt, the summer solstice sun crowns the head of the Sphinx; the Druids
celebrated the marriage of heaven and Earth and the defeat of the “dark god,”
just as the Egyptians celebrated the defeat of the god Seth (darkness) by Horus
(the Sun); and in Rome, the festival of Vestalia continued a Druid tradition of
guarding the sacred fire. The summer solstice is described as the gate of
ascent out of this world into the realm of spirit by both Krishna, in the
famous Bhagavad Gita, and on the walls of the secret caves of Mithras. This is
because the summer solstice signifies the annual journey of the sun, but it is
also symbolic of the journey to enlightenment

Our current collaborative journey to a kind of enlightenment
has much to do with our continued and evidentiary battle for cannabis
legalization, but really, more importantly, opening the minds of the public to
cannabis’ many benefits and removing the stigmas attached to this medicinal and
gentle plant.

Every year, we evolve more, and I feel the summer solstice is
a great time of year to reflect back on our own personal journey of the past
year, the wisdom we’ve learned and the insight we’ve gained along the way.

Let’s celebrate and
appreciate this summer properly, not just for the great weather and new fruits
and vegetables available for us, but for the whole journey—through the tough
months, the tough days and the long, hard nights—back into the light. Spend time
with loved ones, reflect and be at peace, knowing and accepting the growth, as
small or big as you see it—not just for yourself, or for cannabis acceptance
and legalization, but also for our global community.

With Warmest

Evan A. Senn


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