Study Finds LGBT Community Consumes Cannabis at Higher Rate than Heterosexuals

Two of the fastest-changing cultural mores and norms in American society are the implementation of LGBT rights and cannabis rights. The two go hand-in-hand. A new report suggests that the LGBT community at large consumes cannabis at a “significantly” higher rate than the heterosexual community.

The study, A Potent Constituency Among Cannabis Consumers, was released on June 30 by New Frontier Data. According to the findings, bisexual individuals had the highest support for cannabis legalization at 91 percent. Eighty percent of Gay or Lesbian individuals said they support cannabis legalization, while only 58 percent of heterosexual individuals said they support cannabis legalization. Members of the LGBT community were also more likely to be regular consumers as well. Thirty percent of LGBT individuals said they have consumed cannabis within the last month, while only 13 percent of heterosexuals said the same. Similarly, sixty-four percent of LGBT individuals said they have consumed cannabis in their lifetime while only 49 percent of heterosexuals said the same.

The differences were observed in Colorado. “According to the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), 4.3 percent of adults in Colorado identify as LGBT,” New Frontier Data stated. “Yet the same demographic represents 8 percent of the state’s past-month cannabis users. That rate of engagement suggests the LGBT community as a significant if largely untapped business opportunity to develop products and brands catering specifically to the demographic.” The correlation is evident in other cities as well.

Judging by these figures, the LGBT community, especially in the new adult-use cannabis market in San Francisco, is a massive opportunity. Cannabis brands have not yet taken advantage of the LGBT market. Twenty years ago, openly buying cannabis at the store or attending a legally-recognized gay marriage was out of the question, if not unfathomable, but the times have changed. Those who were thrown in jail just for being present in a gay bar, or for smoking small amounts of cannabis can now (usually) enjoy freedoms that are too often taken for granted.

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