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Strictly Topical, Inc. – Bay Area Company Highlight



Sweet Relief; Strictly Topical; Product Shoot; January 2016

Company Name: Strictly Topical, Inc.

Location or Address: San Francisco Bay Area


Phone Number: (415) 720-3511

How would you describe your company? What is your specialty?

We manufacture a potent cannabis topical called Sweet ReLeaf. The product was created specifically to relieve chronic pain in the body and on the skin. We make an original version for mild to moderate pain, an unscented version for folks with allergies and sensitivities and an extra strength product geared for deep chronic pain.

What do you offer consumers/clients that others don’t?

Our unique formulation maximizes the synergy of cannabinoids (called “the entourage effect”) to deliver highly effective relief in minutes, a light fluffy texture that dissolves completely leaving no residue, and a pleasant, airy scent with no cannabis smell. Because topicals do not get you high, this allows you to conduct your day as usual versus being laid out on the couch for several hours.

How and why did your company start up?

To provide a natural pain relief alternative to opioids for a family member terribly injured in a car accident and in chronic pain for life.

With the changing landscape of medical and recreational cannabis, what do you see as the biggest challenges to your progress as a company? Any advantages?

Being a medical product in a recreational world that’s focused mainly on the high [is a challenge]! Topicals don’t get you high which is actually a good thing for many patients. Education about topicals is much needed by dispensaries and patients alike. If dispensaries don’t see topicals as valuable, they won’t stock much—so patients have much less choice [in the matter]. Another challenge is keeping up with compliance at every turn, especially since the regulations are still being written! The advantages include using knowledge gained in both medical and recreational cultures to prepare for expansion into national Food and Drug Administration regulation.

What words of advice would you offer anyone seeking to enter the world of cannabis business?

Well, you definitely have to be flexible and resourceful, able to change plans at a moment’s notice, tolerant of operating in a grey area especially regarding money and banking, and feel comfortable being visible and speaking out about what you’re doing!

What are the goals and vision moving forward, for your company? Where do you see your company in five years?

Available to patients nationwide, on the shelves in pharmacies because it’s been legalized, and helping millions of pain sufferers who badly need relief!

What do you hope to accomplish in the medical cannabis industry?

More than anything, raise awareness of the tremendous healing qualities of cannabis in topical form which when applied to the body, directly addresses localized conditions outside of the usual like arthritis, diabetic foot pain, gout, inflammation, neuropathy, eczema, psoriasis, bed sores, cold sores and more.

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