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Street Artist Junkyard Launches Cannabis Line




Illustrator and artist Junkyard is teaming up with SDC Ventures, a subsidiary of New Green Wave Holdings (NGW), to release a line of cannabis products featuring packaging that is carefully designed by the artist.

The details of the new brand were revealed in a July 3 press release. The first product to roll out will be an oil cart with limited edition artwork designed by Junkyard. While some details remain hazy, the line will include premium flower and vape products that are made from full spectrum concentrates, and the packaging will be collectible.  The products are expected to be released into the California market.

“We launched the Junkyard Cannabis brand with NGW and SDC as an extension of what is already happening in our fanbase,” Junkyard said. “As a large portion of our fanbase are cannabis fans and consumers, it was a natural next step. Our team is excited to finally launch a premium brand with NGW and SDC. We have been looking for a partner that has the same aesthetic and attention to detail in their craft. It has been a fantastic process working alongside their team. Look out soon for products in California legal dispensaries.” NGW boasts a seed library of over 120 strains with expansions planned for 15 acres.

Junkyard’s street art appeal and oversized black and white style have helped him gain nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram. In the past, he has worked with Disney and Threadless HQ in Chicago, Illinois. The artist behind Junkyard was born in South Africa, but now calls Los Angeles, California home. Junkyard prefers anonymity, so you won’t find a photo or a real name anywhere any time soon.

Additional apparel releases and live painting appearances catering to craft cannabis culture will be announced throughout Southern California this summer.