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Strains to Celebrate Game of Thrones



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]he end of an era is approaching. This weekend launches the first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones. It’s been a wild ride, and many shocking memories have been made. Remember when that one guy killed the other guy? Or when that one woman fought a bear? Remember those intermediate romance scenes that separated massive battles? We’ve got six weeks of action, romance and medieval drama left before this show is gone for good. So get together your Game of Thrones-inspired recipes for the nerdy launch party that you deserve, and be sure to have these strains lying around to remind you of some of the most interesting characters to come out of this wild ride.

White Walker

At the height of the seventh season, the white walkers made quite an appearance. This indica strain is potent and great for relaxation as you’re settling down to start season eight. Also effective representations of the Night King and his army are Jack Frost, Permafrost, Northern Wreck and Frostbite.

Killer Queen

At first Daenerys Targaryen was delicate, but she quickly rose up in the ranks as the shows undeniable favorite. Her fierce attitude and unwavering confidence led her to become a devastating queen. This sativa strain brings on thoughts of happiness and focus, which attests to Daenerys’ success so far.

Mother’s Finest

Ahh Cersei Lannister, the mother we all love to hate. Despite her nasty personality, she’s remained a frontrunner to the throne throughout the show. This strain is a relative of the famous Jack Herer strain, meaning that it boosts moods like nobody’s business.

Jack Frost

Jon Snow has always been a broody dude surrounded by snow. The bastard son of Ned Stark has gone through hell and back, from the farthest reaches of the north to the warmer parts of King’s Landing, to be where he is today. The strain known as Jack Frost is a sativa, which produces high amounts of energy in any consumer.

Enemy of the State

Despite being a Lannister, Tyrion has the support of almost all Game of Thrones fans. We hope that he survives the coming battles because if he doesn’t, he will likely suffer a painful death. By the hands of one of his family members. And that’s just sad. But don’t worry, with a strain like Enemy of the State, Tyrion can sit back and chill with few worries.

Lemon Fuel

Sansa Stark has experienced one of the most dramatic (and traumatic) character developments. From a love crazy to the fierce lady of the north, we’re all rooting for her to dominate her competition. Lemon Cakes were once her favorite treat, before her life began to spiral—and Lemon Fuel helps to eliminate stress and anxiety and replace it with pure confidence.

Suicide Girl

Arya Stark’s path has been a tumultuous one, but all of her efforts and struggles have led to this moment. Although her fate is unknown, we know there will be some impressive fight scenes. The strain known as Suicide Girl is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a mental stimulant that’s excellent for stress and anxiety.

Blue Dream

Bran Stark has a lot to say, and we’re just brimming with excitement to see what he’ll admit in season eight. It will probably take a few quick naps to reveal some juicy new facts about the past and present of Westeros. Blue Dream finds inspiration from Bran’s life, and is also an excellent medicine for conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, migraines, nausea and PMS.


Theon Greyjoy has had his fair share of mistakes, but he’s somehow still alive and ready to take down his elder brother Euron, and rescue his sister Yara. The Greyjoys are in the midst of their own battle compared to the larger war at hand, but we’re hoping that Theon is able to reclaim his honor. The Kraken is the symbol of the Greyjoy family, but this indica strain is said to “sink even the strongest of vessels.”

Fire OG

Rhaegal, Drogon and Viserion—the real reason that Game of Thrones is awesome. This trio of sibling dragons were the catalyst of conquering in Westeros, as well as the leading reason that the show is so expensive to produce. This strain will make consumers feel a bit giggly, but that’s probably because they’re imagining flying on one of these awesome winged beasts.

Mr. Nice

Poor Jorah Mormont, 100 percent dedicated to Daenerys’ cause and yet always pushed to the wayside. But by the end of season seven, he had survived the greyscale and is ready for Mr. Nice guy to fight at her side once again. Check out this concentrate for strong indica properties to help treat medical conditions that require a sedative in nature.


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