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Strain of the Week: Wifi OG




There was once a time when the term “wifi” didn’t exist. There was also a time when the internet was in its infancy and access required an entire process of successfully connecting and listening to a strange orchestra of buzzes, beeps and scratching sounds. It was a slow, but thrilling process with access to a multitude of information. Now, wifi is expected to be offered in every business, at every convention center and at every theme park. It is nearly unimaginable to think of what life would be without this constant stream of information. Some might think that wifi makes life better in every way—but we can say for certain that a strain named Wifi OG connects you to peace and tranquility.

To start, Wifi OG is no joke. It’s known for its high THC content, thanks to its parent strains The White and Fire OG. The White is an indica-dominant hybrid that is unique for having very little flavor, and praised for its ability to bring on feelings of euphoria and sleepiness. Fire OG is bright and zesty hybrid that is equally useful in relieving conditions like stress and depression. Ultimately, Wifi OG is a great culmination of properties that make it a worthwhile investment.

Despite one of its parents having a very low terpene profile, Wifi OG is full of unique flavors. Specifically, reviewers found that it contains scents not unlike that of red wine and citrus, with a slight sweet and minty aftertaste. Its effects are slow to begin, and start in the head and top of the spine. After that, it creeps down your back and spread throughout the body. Those who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and many more medical conditions will find ample relief. It’s the kind of strain that helps patients get in tune with how it feels to be without pain or worry, even if for a little while.