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Strain of the Week: Sugar Pine




Sugar envelops much of the holiday season. Whether you eat sugary desserts, offer to “give someone some sugar” to a special friend (aka smooches), or you picture the images of the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” in Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Nutcracker, it is widely present. Sugar has its place in the cannabis industry too, especially through terpenes such as pinene. Heavy with the pine smell that often envelops homes across the globe, this aroma is classic in certain cannabis strains such as Sugar Pine. Combining sweet and pine together is one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays this year!

A strain called Sugar Pine has a lot to offer the consumer seeking refuge in from the cold. It’s an excellent hybrid that is said to be linked to other potent skunk and sugar strains. Even with the raw smell of this bud you’ll instantly detect a sweetness that is hard to resist. It’s not pure sugar, but more of a sweet tea or green tea type of flavor—but it does also have a spicy kick, such as when you leave tea to steep for too long.

Reviewers noted that the test results on this beautifully dark-green bud said that it contains an estimated 23.23 percent THC and less than one percent CBD. Sugar Pine is more than useful for its potent euphoric effects, allowing consumers to lose track of their worries for a while and bringing a massive smile to their faces (an ideal pick-me-up if you are experiencing the holiday blues this year).

A dose of this and your eyes will become heavy and you’ll likely experience a mild pulsing sensation in the head. You body begins to mellow out and prepare you for a dazed experience that is ideal for an evening binging movies or television shows on Netflix.