Strain of the Week: Sugar Cookies

The world is full of delicious treats, but none are more classic than the sugar cookie. Sure there are many varieties of cookies that are tasty enough (just look at the vast library of flavors offered by the Girl Scouts of America), but none are more classic than a sugar cookie. It’s said that this type of cookie dates back to German Protestant settlers of Pennsylvania sometime in the 1700s. Referred to as a “Nazareth Sugar Cookie,” (Nazareth being the name of the city they settled) it was originally baked in the shape of Pennsylvania’s emblem, a keystone. Those who have a sweet tooth will often find that it’s difficult to resist a sugar cookie, due to its often lavishly decorated exterior. And we’re not talking your average Pinterest-inspired Easter egg, but actually fancy, high quality art on a cookie—it’s hard to resist! The appearance makes it that much sweeter, and the same is true for strains named after this classic cookie.

Sugar Cookies is a beautiful specimen of bud; it’s covered in a variety of purple and green hues, with many orange hairs sticking outward. This is likely a genetic extension of one of the rumored parent strains of Crystal Gayle, Blue Hawaiian and Sensi Star. It tends to be thick and dense, offering wonderful scents clean, floral sweetness with subtle hints of berry. You might get the same feeling from sniffing a freshly budding rose or jasmine plant.

When you bite into an actual sugar cookie, there’s no escaping the feeling of satisfaction. When taking a dose of this strain, you’ll receive the very same feelings. Once it begins to work its magic, your body will physically begin to loosen up and relax. However the effects will also creep into your head, lifting you up and allowing you to truly let go for a while. Patients seeking relief from pain, stress or anxiety will find that Sugar Cookies is a sweet escape.

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