Strain of the Week: Strawberry Banana

There are some great food combinations out there. You can’t deny that chocolate is undoubtedly better when paired with peanut butter, or that grilled cheese and tomato soup simply must be eaten together. Strawberries and bananas, for example, are another timeless combination. Both can be equally sweet, but the tartness element that comes from most strawberries creates an entirely new flavor profile. These two flavor influences are also seen in the strain called Strawberry Banana, offering decent pain relief and maximum enjoyability.

You don’t need to know the strain’s name in order to determine what it’s scent is—a single whiff reveals that it is most definitely, at the very least, similar to bananas. It’s history, which includes a cross of Banana Kush and what’s referred to as a “strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum, allowed this indica-dominant hybrid to truly shine. Banana Kush is a potent indica, whereas Bubble Gum is a sativa-dominant hybrid that boost energy and looks as green as a Sour Patch Kid.

Strawberry Banana is a beautiful specimen of strain, often contain a variety of light and dark green leaves with bright burnt-orange hairs jutting out in all directions. Even when it is ground up and ready for consumption, it retains it beautiful colors. This super fruity strain is said to contain approximately 24 percent THC and is the perfect companion for those looking for a balanced hybrid strain. It’s effects include reliable body and head effects, which quickly creep over the body once consumption has begun. Medical patients who are looking to relieve themselves of chronic pain or strong anxieties will find Strawberry Banana to be the perfect treatment. Of course, it’s slight sativa properties also allow consumers to be somewhat active as well (productivity doesn’t completely go out the window with this one). Overall if flavor is one of the most important characteristics of finding a worthwhile cannabis medicine then this one is a must-try.

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