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Strain of the Week: Sour Dubb



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]I[/dropcap]t’s that time of year again. Cupid is loading up his bow and arrow and love will soon fill the air—but love kinda smells like dank around here. Consumers’ love for cannabis knows no bounds, and this passion is breathtaking. In one week, Valentine’s Day will be here, meaning that that ultimate question comes up once more—will you treat yourself, or spend time with a special someone? Fortunately, cannabis can fit into either of these categories. Whether or not love strikes you in a Hallmark manner this month; even if you end up buying yourself a box of chocolates and re-filling it with weed as you conquer each creamy, gooey-fruit-filled bite-sized morsel while binge-watching every season you’ve missed on Netflix—it’s strains like Sour Dubb that will enhance your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Reviewers were told that Sour Dubb is a clone-only sativa-dominant strain with proprietary genetics—in other words, it’s one-of-a-kind. It’s parent strains weren’t verified, but it is assumed that Sour Dubb was born from the union of Sour Diesel (a sativa) and Sour Bubble (an indica). Thus Sour Dubb was the culmination of these efforts, creating a strain with vibrant green leaves, fluffy structure, a dense core and earthy orange hairs that peek out “just enough to flirt,” as reviewers described it.

Sour Dubb is an extra-sour strain that is packed with bold, sour skunk aroma that lingers. Both the aroma and effects are similar, teasing consumers with its stimulating properties while awakening the senses. Those who seek medication that may help in lifting spirits and boosting moods will find a kindred spirit in this great strain.

Skip the roses this year and opt for a greener flower solution instead. Neither you nor your significant other, friends or family members will argue against it if you share the love.

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