Strain of the Week: Skywalker OG

The power and inspiration you feel from Skywalker OG isn’t due to the Force, but something better—a blast of indica-dominant hybrid effects. Blending Mazar x BlueberryOG Kush, this strain is sure to do the trick for any Star Wars fan or anyone who enjoys strong cannabis.

This was a strain that we loved so much, it deserves a double feature. While its origins can’t be traced back to a Tatooine moisture farm, the combination of Blueberry and Mazar produce some gorgeous dark purple notes, like staring out into the sunset in Garel City. Denser than a neutron star, we preferred using grinders to get it evenly broken up without risking breaking one of our hands off. That also means that you get more than you bargained for once the nugs are broken up.

Opening the container hits you with Vader-mask levels of rubber, with undertones of lime, pine sap and strawberry fruit leather. A decidedly sweet smoke, the first few hits were smooth and burned to a pure white ash, a sure sign of a solid flush. The flavor was fruity and similar to the aroma. Starting off behind the eyes, the indica-dominant effect moved into the shoulders and back, giving great relief to those struggling with nagging pain from riding Tauntauns all day. Avoid piloting any TIE fighters, however, as this is a tremendous strain for sleep, and it helps quiet the mind at the end of the day.

Almost any sample of Skywalker OG exudes frosty, fragrant buds that are dazzling to look at. While you’re at it, you might as well pick up some other Star Wars-themed strains like Yoda, Kylo Ren, OG1 Kenobi or Death Star. Skywalker OG is a fine addition to any discerning consumer’s collection of strains.

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