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Strain of the Week: Omega




For those who believe in God and have previously studied the Bible, the phrase “Alpha and Omega” may sound familiar. The verse in Revelations describes God as almighty, “the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Omega in particular is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, so a strain named “Omega” is very likely describing itself as the end—aka, the last strain you’ll ever need. Many might find Omega to be the end of a search, suggesting that they have discovered the ultimate strain to help them along their journey in life.

Unlike the Bible, Omega isn’t an ancient strain. However it said to be created from years of cross breeding, some saying that it’s parents include White Widow, Kush, NYC Diesel and Permafrost. But the art of crossbreeding allowed all of these hybrid strains led this moment—an equally potent sativa-dominant hybrid that will knock your socks off.

Reviewers found that the first thing they noticed about Omega was its size—it was a massive nug! Which is just a hint at the size of the whole plant it grew from. Additionally, the strain also offered an impressive display of green leaves with small orange pistils sticking out. This particular review sample had a skunky flavor and a dried fruit aftertaste. That fruity earthiness will prepare you some very nice bodily effects.

Most importantly, Omega is energizing. From head to toe, it wakes up your senses and boosts you awareness, but not in the same way that caffeine does. Instead, it preps your body for an intense mental relaxation. For those who are looking to treat conditions such as insomnia or anxiety, this is the strain to try. You’ll get a relaxing smoke session that’s perfect for using after dinner or if you plan to stay in on a long holiday weekend. Reviewers reported some major munchies though, so be sure to have some snacks on hand!