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Strain of the Week: Nebulae



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]his week there was some big news in the science community—for the very first time, scientists have been able to get a glimpse of a black hole. A network of telescopes (called the Event Horizon Telescope) focused on a location in the M87 galaxy, and history was made. But in order to zoom in on that black hole, obviously other galaxies, planets and stars were passed by. When you think about it, our lives may feel insignificant when in the presence of such a powerful force. But to think that you have access to something powerful in the form of cannabis, and a strain called Nebulae will put your mind at ease.

Nebulae is the plural form of nebula, and the thought of a single strain containing the potency and power of not just one but multiple nebulae is impressive. Of course there is no literal sense here, but a strain’s name often denotes its characteristics and properties. This particular strain was a proprietary cross of Blue Dream and Hell’s Angel. Blue Dream is a popular choice for many consumers who seek a sativa-dominant hybrid that is relaxing, euphoric and packed with berry flavors. Hell’s Angel on the other hand leans more to the indica side of things, with a powerful ability to eliminate stress and chronic pain. So together, the Nebulae creation is out of this world.

The first thing consumers will notice is its inherent berry flavor heritage. Scents of fresh fruit pervade the sample that CULTURE reviewers received. Inspections revealed a pleasant array of dark green leaves coated with trichomes with a variety of peach-colored hairs spread throughout.

While Blue Dream is detected in Nebulae’s scent, Hell’s Angels really comes out once consumption has begun. All bodily tension melted away almost instantly, and lingered for a long time. It’s the perfect strain to address anxiety or stress, as well as a need to take your mind off of the day’s worries with a pleasant euphoria.

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