Strain of the Week: Mother’s Finest

This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 12. Biological mothers, stepmothers, godmothers, grandmothers, mother figures and any maternally inclined individuals are being recognized for their love, dedication, hard work and self-sacrifice. It’s a time for people to share how they feel about mom, give her a phone call, take her out to a movie, and cherish that relationship. Now more than ever, many mothers are finding out how cannabis can benefit them. From the most simple hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) topical to a classic joint, moms are getting a chance to relax, while also being wined and dined. A strain like Mother’s Finest is the perfect entry strain for those who want to get pumped up with energy.

This strain is said to be named after Frank Zappa’s band, Mothers of Invention, which makes a lot of sense considering the energizing effects of Zappa’s rock music. Reviewers noted that although no one is certain about the lineage of Mother’s Finest, a potent sativa, it is definitely a relative of the equally sativa-based Jack Herer strain, and the indica-dominant Northern Lights.

Mother’s Finest is wholly unique, offering a pleasant scent of vanilla and citrus. Some say it has a natural earthy smell to it as well. These are the types of flavors anyone will typically enjoy during springtime—especially moms. Because of this strain’s heavy sativa influence, it’s highly utilized for its energetic and uplifting effects. Feelings of happiness, relaxation and reduced stress are common among those who use this strain as their go-to choice. It’s especially useful for creative types, especially for writers who need a creativity boost, or for musicians looking for inspiration for a new song. Mother’s Finest is bound to boost anyone’s mood, allow mom to kick start her special day off on the right foot.

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