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Strain of the Week: Monster Cookies




The term “monster” by definition is most commonly used to define something large in size. Monster waves define larger-than-life ocean swells that surfers probably live for. Huge crocodiles found crossing golf lawns in Florida are called monsters too. “Monster” is often referred to in the world of food as well, especially when considering the size of food challenges such as monster-sized pizzas, cinnamon rolls, and other unhealthy items. But one of our favorite examples of monster things is a monster-sized, kitchen-sink style cookie. It’s a satisfying dessert, as long as you aren’t focusing on the calories within. A strain named Monster Cookies delivers a similar expectation, with a gratifying feeling that comes in a very small package.

Monster Cookies is destined for greatness, because it’s said to be very closely related to Girl Scout Cookies—a “monster” in its own right. Reviewers also note that Monster Cookies is a direct creation of Purple Pain, Durban Poison and Florida OG Kush. This odd amalgamation of strains came together and produced a potent, and pleasantly aromatic indica-dominant hybrid strain. Monster Cookies contains classic terpenes that produce spicy, hashy, sharp and peppery smells all coming to you at once. Plus our particular sample was dense and resinous as well, which exhibited how well cut and cured it was.

When ground up, Monster Cookies instantly begins to envelop your senses. The end result is a bowl of the best dried fluff around, which allows it to be the perfect candidate to roll in a classic joint. The complex flavors are on point, and give you plenty to experience upon first consuming.

As for effects, consumers may find that this is a very fast-acting strain, and best reserved for nighttime use. For medical patients, this includes but is not limited to treating conditions such as anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression and a multitude of other ailments.