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Strain of the Week: Lemon Fuel OG



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]I[/dropcap]f there’s a tell-tale scent of cannabis, it’s the dank, heavy smell of fuel. To seasoned consumers, it’s not just a scent, but a sign of a strain that’s chock-full of power and potency. Lemon Fuel OG is a unique strain that offers strong cerebral effects but as a sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s strength is a major selling point.

Lemon Fuel OG’s roots stem from the ancestry of Chemdawg, which contains a “pungent and sharp gassy aroma” according to CULTURE reviewers. It’s also well-known for its dense structure, packed with trichomes that deftly treat conditions like chronic pain, depression and cancer patients. Lemon Fuel pulls from Chemdawg’s strength to create a strong, but uplifting strain. And the combination of gassy fuel with a pungent lemon aroma absolutely proves its potency.

Lemon Fuel OG often comes with an appealing exterior, often riddled with light-green leaves and tons of crystalline trichomes. When reviewers got their hands on this particular cut of strain, they found that in addition to a perfect cure, Lemon Fuel OG was also loaded with a beautiful, zesty terpene profile (especially after being ground up!) One dose of this strain will bring on a full body tingling effect, and many consumers have reported an increase in happiness and increased inspiration to be creative as well.

A strain like this one is ideal for patients looking to treat their anxiety and stress, and it’s also very helpful if there’s a need to induce hunger as well. It contains a decent balance of sativa and indica properties that will certainly lead to a happier, healthier you! Due to this strain’s reported potency, it isn’t the right choice for consumers who are new to the community—but it does have plenty of benefits for practiced consumers looking for a strong pick-me-up!

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