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Strain of the Week: Lavender Goo




Some strain names are serious and others are comical, but when it comes down to it, the cultivator is the one who usually chooses a name for a specific strain. Feeling inspired by a cannabis plant’s parents, or appearance, or smell, there’s an unending result fun and unique names. Names such as Lavender Goo, are mysterious yet fun. What kind of unique experience is there to be had with a strain like this one? Does it really smell like lavender? Where does the “goo” come from? Thanks to our reviewers, we know the answers to all of these questions.

Unlike previous Strains of the Week, the parentage of this strain absolutely known. The cultivators, New Horizons, crossbred Af-Goo, Lavender and Light of Jah to obtain Lavender Goo. As two indica-dominant and one sativa dominant strains respectively, the results created a unique balance between couchlock and slightly energizing effects. The strains are all said to be cultivated indoors in a CO2-enriched sealed environment.

When CULTURE reviewers got their hands on a sample of Lavender Goo, they described it as a pure example of the wilderness. It is “raw, rugged, powerful look of a Northern California coastal mountain range” that is covered in verdant green, dappled with purple, and sparkling with trichomes as if it were gooey morning dew. More importantly, the strain’s typical lavender aroma, with the added scent of flowers, pleasantly overpowers a consumer’s senses. A unique terpene profile such as this one is welcome on any given day, welcoming a naturally relaxing state of being.

Lavender Goo’s unique ancestors, paired with the results of relaxing sweet scents, turns this strain into a useful tool in treating chronic pain, stress and insomnia. It creates a heavy body effect that weighs down the body and bringing on consistent feelings of calm. The word cozy definitely comes to mind when taking into account this strain’s features. Enjoy relaxing with this strain as you relax after a hard day’s work, or need some you-time over the weekend.