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Strain of the Week: LA Chocolat




There are five main tastes that sums up pretty much all foods known to man: Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. These flavors go back millions of years, each with a task to help humanoids avoid poisonous or rotten food, and to seek out more pleasant, palatable foods in order to survive. Today we’re talking about sweet—which is a taste that usually contains the presence of sugar. At the dawn of humanity, this provided much needed energy. Today, it is the ultimate luxury. If you’re looking for a sweet addition to your cannabis routine, we suggest you seek out a strain like LA Chocolat.

Reviewers offered one sentence to sum up their experience with this strain—“one taste is all it takes.” LA Chocolat is beyond delicious, thanks to its parents LA Confidential and Chocolope. LA Confidential is a bright, fruity and earthy indica strain that is known for producing a heavy body effect that keeps you locked to the couch (or easily put to sleep). Chocolope on the other hand is completely on the opposite side of the spectrum; a sativa-dominant hybrid that at first provides a quick boost of energy followed by a sense of calm. Together, they created a masterpiece strain with enough sweetness to satisfy even the most desperate of people with sweet tooths.

The exterior of LA Chocolat was described as being covered with powdered sugar in the form of dense trichomes, with little flecks of purple poking through. It may not resemble chocolate in any form, but it does contain the rich flavors of a freshly brewed cup of coffee mixed with natural dark chocolate.

Unlike it’s indica parent, LA Chocolate’s potency is lessened in terms of body effects, allowing consumers to relax without spending their free time sleeping away the day. It is important to note that Chocolope is also an appetite stimulate, meaning that you may be embracing other flavors through the nearest bag of chips or a box of cereal.