Strain of the Week: Kryptonic Kush


Kryptonic Kush is a strain powerful enough to bring even Superman to his knees, with its heavy indica-dominant characteristics and mysterious past. Store this potent, green treasure somewhere safe, where it won’t be stolen and used for nefarious purposes.

Its resinous texture, sticky feel and lime green and violet hues suggest how potent this strain can be. Its parentage is a mystery, but some experts guess that it is an OG Kush variety, given its sweet fruity and fuel-like taste, interesting appearance and lethargic effects that can lead to couchlock.

Sampling the stain was an experience to behold. Kryptonic Kush started off strong by filling the senses with ripe summer berries and ended in a little bit of skunky-ness for good measure. Consumers report that Kryptonic Kush is perfect for anyone medicating against body aches and sleeplessness as well as stimulating appetites. We can’t seem to get enough of this pungent, rare and deliciously smelling flower, and we’re sure you’ll find yourself finishing your stock all too quickly.

The origin of Kryptonic Kush’s name dates back over 80 years, giving a nod to the popular comics series. Krypton is the now-destroyed home planet of Kal-El or Superman in the DC Comics universe. Krypton was first mentioned in Action Comics #1, published in 1938. Krypton is also the powerful but deadly green element from the same planet. Although the original Super-Man of 1933 was a super villain, he was quickly revised and the character is among the most popular superheroes ever created.

This fairly rare strain can be found in select central and northern California dispensaries and may be found in other states. Don’t confuse it with Kryptonite or Kryptonite OG—hybrid strains that produce similar effects. Treat yourself to an outer-worldly experience with this unique blend.

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