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Strain of the Week: Jahgoo




At first when introduced to a strain named Jahgoo, we weren’t sure what to think. The name doesn’t immediately tell us anything about its flavors or heritage. More often than not, cannabis strains tend to receive names that at least entice consumers. Cultivators tend to use words that make your mouth water, such as terpene-specific descriptors or well-known words that link a product back to its classic parents. But Jahgoo? It’s not outwardly obvious what this strain has to offer—but we’re certain you’ll enjoy this indica strain after a long day at work.

Seasoned consumers might be able to glean meaning from the name of this strain, which is a split between Jasmine and Afgoo. Mystery solved! Jasmine is a hybrid that is said to be bred by Israeli cannabis producer Tikun Olam and offers a ton of benefits to medical consumers. Afgoo on the other hand is a highly regarded indica strain that is intensely potent, leaving consumers unable to leave the couch in the most pleasant way.

CULTURE reviewers instantly recognized the dark purple hues that covered Jahgoo. The strain was covered in an ultra-resinous white finish and a divinely floral, sweet, purple soda smell. A single whiff of this pleasant strain is all the preparation you need for a relaxing evening at home.

Although the smell factor was largely in thanks to the Jasmine heritage of this sample, some of its effects lay in the Afgoo side of its lineage. With a smooth, medium-bodied inhale, reviewers immediately began to feel the effects take place in the head first but it quickly descended into a very relaxing yet light body sedation. Still, this strain may keep you grounded, but you’ll still be able to play video games in the comfort of your own home. Stick to your safe place and Jahgoo will assist you in forgetting about your stress at work. On the medical side of things, those who suffer from conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder or insomnia have found great relief in this strain’s properties.