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Strain of the Week: Hello Kitty Kush



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]M[/dropcap]any adults look forward to Halloween because of scary movies, terrifying haunted houses and the opportunities to dress up like their favorite villains or dark, twisted film antagonists. But there is a different side of Halloween, one that inspired by everything cute, sweet and brightly colored. A trip to Target usually brings up these images with costumes inspired by hot dogs, Disney characters and unicorns. One thing is certain though—you can’t get farther on the cute scale than Hello Kitty.

Interestingly enough, a strain named after that character isn’t as happy-go-lucky as you might think. A few years ago, High Times allegedly dubbed Hello Kitty Kush as one of the 40 strongest strains of all time. This sort of potency is almost immediately detectable upon inspecting a sample of this strain. Reviewers described the bud as exorbitantly sticky, but break apart easily. When this is done, a sharp punch of musty kush tinged with orange citrus is released into the air. Needless to say, the aromatic effects that were released from this strain were enough to confirm its potency.

Hello Kitty Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid that releases an effervescent earthy and floral flavor upon inhalation. After the initial introduction, reviewers began to feel effects of slight lightheadedness which was quickly followed by body relaxation that is commonly used to melt away stress. However, because of the strain’s sativa properties, this allowed reviewers to still function as normal without being attached to their couch. For this reason, Hello Kitty can be useful when attempting to work from home or enjoy the weekend while completing chores. While effective, Hello Kitty Kush is known to put consumers into their own world, which means that being social isn’t on the table. With potency and a very nice scent, this cute little bud produces big effects worth checking out.

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