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Strain of the Week: Hazelberry




Berries may bloom best in spring, but they have their place in our hearts during this time of year. In winter, berries are more prominently seen in warm pies, or in the decorative use of holly. And then you have cranberries, a staple of holiday dinners, which CULTURE staff only recently found out are not really berries at all. In fact, cranberries are a semi-close cousins to the blueberry plant, but the major difference is how cranberries group beneath the rest of the flower parts. Finally, there are Hazelberries, which are also not closely linked to the berry family. Never heard of them before? Well you may not be surprised to hear that Hazelberry is actually a cannabis strain, but it’s terpene profile will certainly remind you of the traditional scents of the holiday.

No berries are in sight when you first get a glimpse of Hazelberry, but the first thing anyone notices is the strain’s bright orange pistils and frosty green leaves of the lime-colored variety. Some report this strain as a descendant of Blue Dream, and others believe it stems from the Haze family tree, such as Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream is notorious for its balanced 50/50 hybrid status, allowing patients to enjoy sedative effects without falling asleep. If Super Silver Haze has a play in this as well, then Hazelberry has a leg up on the sativa competition. No matter the combination, Hazelberry has a lot to offer holiday celebrations.

This strain smells exactly as you’d expect—notes of pine that are overshadowed by delicious berry aroma. It’s effects begin to take hold with a light cerebral feeling, which slowly extends into body relaxation. Reviewers noted that they felt calm, chill and euphoric, when the strain worked its magic. Relief is just a moment away with Hazelberry, which allows patients to enjoy the holidays without feeling stuck to the couch.