Strain of the Week: Gorilla White

Gorilla White’s unique flavor and aroma profile makes it one beast of a strain. If you were in a pitch dark room, you’d still be able to locate a nugget of Gorilla White through smell alone due to its giveaway scent.

Ever see a white gorilla? Snowflake was an albino Western lowland gorilla that lived in the Barcelona Zoo until his death in 2003. He was sadly captured in the thick rainforest in Equatorial Guinea during the 60s and was taken care of by researchers and zookeepers. Gorilla White (or White Gorilla), however, is balanced hybrid with both sativa and indica characteristics. It’s unlikely that the strain was named after Snowflake, but white gorillas do indeed exist. The strain is bred from Gorilla Glue #4 and White Fire Alien OG.

A sample of this hybrid tested at 24.2 percent THC, and it is a wonderful strain in every way. The flower is beautiful to look at, with solidly-formed buds, cured perfectly so it’s sticky but perfectly dry. Light green and covered in crystals, it’s your prototypical indoor grown cannabis in the best way.

After unscrewing the black lid on the jar, the scent of this flower was in and of itself intoxicating. Like a spring day, this Gorilla White exuded an earthy, floral fragrance with subtle notes of bright citrus. The CULTURE team used a water pipe to sample this splendid flower and noticed that it burned clean and smooth, and it had an earthy flavor with a light floral finish. The effect was sativa-like, energetic, joyous and bright. Gorilla White is the perfect strain for working out or pursuing creative endeavors.

Take the leap and try out Gorilla White the next time you’re at your local dispensary. It’s strong, effective and has more redeeming qualities than most typical strains.

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