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Strain of the Week: Golden Maui




There are many beautiful things in this world, and sunrises/sunsets are one of them. From the richest person to the poorest, and no matter your location, we’re all fortunate to be able to witness those calm, quiet evenings when dawn or dusk is just right. But if we’re being honest, the places where you can frequently find stunning sunsets are in Hawaii. It’s summer, and despite the fact that trips to Hawaii are entirely too expensive, there is one way you can escape without shelling out the dough—Golden Maui. This strain, which we assume is related to those beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the Pacific Ocean-based tropical wonderland, will lift your spirits and get you ready to get some vitamin D in your system.

Golden Maui is said to be a cross between Colorado Maui and Golden Goat. Colorado Maui is a variation of the simpler strain, entitled just Maui, which is a potent sativa that is said to have been cultivated in the great state of Hawaii. Golden Goat on the other hand was created in Kansas, but has earlier ties to a Hawaiian-grown Romulan strain. It’s also a sativa-dominant hybrid, making this cross a match made in heaven.

Golden Maui is light lime green in color, with very small red hairs here and there. Although there isn’t any gold to match the name, what does match is your expectation as a consumer. It contains a faint hint of the tropics, offering a fresh, earthy scent mixed with floral aftertaste and a tiny bit of lingering spice.

Best of all though, Golden Maui is a  huge mood booster. Reviewers claim that after two hits, they decided to prepare a makeshift limbo game with a poster tube and two office chairs. The strain has the perfect combination of sativa genetics, allowing it to truly lift someone out of their funk, which makes it perfect for those who need energy, as well as for those who suffer from depression or migraines too.