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Strain of the Week: God’s Gift




Gods have been worshipped since the dawn of humanity. From ancient elemental spirits to Greek and Nordic deities, it’s all in belief that there is an all-powerful and heavenly entity who is influencing the course of humanity. No matter what you believe in, if you were to receive a gift from God, it’s certainly a meaningful boon. And when a strain is named God’s Gift, well, you can bet it’s meant for great things.

While a gift from any God is untraceable, the strain named God’s Gift has some solid parentage. It’s a cross between Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, which are indica and hybrid strains respectively. God’s Gift buds are often heavily coated with trichomes, as is expected from a potent strain, but this particular cut still has an exterior that harkens back to is ancestors. A mixture of lime green leaves with various dark orange and faint purple leaves jutting out in all directions. It’s a harmonious amalgam of color, making it both pleasing to look at and also appealing to the curiosity of cannabis consumers everywhere.

One of this strain’s most positive qualities is its aroma. Rather than the usual kush smell, God’s Gift actually smells a lot like sweet grape and little bit of musty earth. However, upon tasting this strain reviewers found that flavors represented a reversal of the scent. A single dose was packed with earthy tones, which dwarfed the grape-like flavors upon inhalation.

But a strain called God’s Gift is sure to give consumers something special. With an unrivaled potency compare to some newer strains, this one keeps many consumers, and especially medical patients, coming back for more. Reliability is the best way to describe it, as God’s Gift frequently helps many patients turn their anxiety levels down, and “chill-level” way up. Many find solace in these properties, which powerfully combat effects of insomnia or stress. It’s an excellent strain to utilize, but is not recommended if you want to make plans to go out.