Strain of the Week: Forbidden Fruit

Disobey, push the limit, make the plunge and indulge in Forbidden Fruit—the most transgressive way of enjoying fine purple-tinted cannabis. A cross between Cherry PieTangie, this indica-dominant delicacy produces sedative effects that are powerful enough for experienced smokers.

Did you know that biblically speaking, not once during the story of Adam and Eve is there mention of an apple? It does however mention a forbidden fruit. Remembering an apple in the Bible is only a result of The Mandela Effect. With that being said, I think it is safe to assume that these dank purple flowers might have been the real temptation that the rebellious couple experienced, and we wouldn’t blame them one bit. We certainly weren’t able to resist the potent scent and effect of this strain. The buds are very colorful, and the strain has been described as looking like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

The offering emits a pleasant musky aroma with noticeable cherry undertones and lingering notes of mango and tangerine. The taste was similar, but with sour edge that balanced out the flower’s overall sweetness and pungency. Other consumers swear that it tastes more like the Grapefruit strain. You be the judge.

Beginning at the head and slowly covering the rest of your entire body, consumers can expect to feel the heavy indica effects quite quickly and for at least a few hours—if you make it that far. Its sedative effects are powerful enough for treating minor pain and unhealthy stress. Testing reveals that Forbidden Fruit’s THC content is anywhere between 23 percent and 27 percent.

Try this fragrant variety whenever you get the chance, and be sure to share! Forbidden Fruit is most popular in coastal California and Oregon, but it can be found at most large dispensaries.


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