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Strain of the Week: Charlie Sheen




American actor Charlie Sheen is known for many things. From his early acting roles in films like Platoon and Hot Shots!, his semi-recent role in the CBS hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, his temporarily popular catchphrase “winning!” or his recent announcement of his HIV diagnosis—this guy has been through a lot. He’s lived a crazy lifestyle, and as such, a strain with his namesake makes a lot of sense. Sheen recently announced his own line of vape products, and although those products are bound to be a wild ride, nothing beats a classic strain like Charlie Sheen.

Just like the celebrity, Charlie Sheen is a strain that is “made up of equal parts legendary acting ability and even more legendary hard partying.” This is probably because it stems from a long line of other classic, go-to strains such as Green Crack, Blue Dream and OG Kush. These knockout strains are all well-known for their abilities to deliver potent results, although they vary in THC levels. Thus, Charlie Sheen is a heavy hitting indica-dominant strain.

At first glance, this strain is everything you could ever want. It’s dense, firm exterior means that it will be a breeze to grind. It crumbled easily, making an almost no-effort experience in packing your bowl or rolling your next joint. Once ground up, the heavy scent of musk and lavender filled the room—feelings of relaxation were already beginning to settle in.

Of course, upon inhaling did reviewers discover that “heavy hitter” amply describes this strain’s properties. It instantly began to create pleasant cerebral effects that were paired with a warm, effervescent feeling in the body. But uniquely, Charlie Sheen also provided a steady boost of energy (without any of the jitters to boot). The effects lasted a decent amount of time, and was the perfect way to wind down after a long day of work. Stress be damned, this strain will have you “winning!” in no time.