Strain of the Week Cartier OG

 High-end French jewelry company Société Cartier has been operating for 170 years and its reputation is nigh unmatched. Celebrities have been seen wearing Cartier pieces of rings, necklaces and watches that start at minimum prices of $800, but quality is of the highest expectation with this brand. So when a cannabis strain is named after this very famous, very expensive company, there’s a lot of parallels to be seen. And luckily, for nothing more than the usual price in your area, you can try out the magnificent and beautifully crafted Cartier OG.

Unlike the company that this strain is named after, the genetics of Cartier OG are largely unknown—but this unique strain is still worth your attention. CULTURE reviewers have found that it’s localized in southern California and claim that it’s one of the most underrated strains in the area. One of its best qualities lies in its appearance. You won’t need a magnifying glass to see the thick, sparkling trichomes that decorate its exterior. Because of this, Cartier OG is often found at the top of dispensaries’ daily strain lists—but despite its dazzling looks, its much more affordable than anything sold at

Cartier OG’s flavor profile is also equally dazzling, this strain’s scent is almost overwhelmingly earthy and sweet, which likely stem from its OG ancestors. With these classic characteristics, the strain overwhelms the senses with a sweet sense of satisfaction. It moves quickly, first affecting the head and spreading throughout the body with ease.

Thanks to its naturally abundant trichome count, this indica is perfect for relaxing, all-day weekend experience, or an end-of-the-night chill session. Cartier OG is especially useful for medical patients looking for something to help combat symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain. A dose of this strain and you’ll feel like royalty.


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