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Strain of the Week: Black Diamond Sherbet




If you’ve ever eaten candy rocks before, you would understand the fascination with wanting to eat pretty things. This isn’t just a childhood reaction to consuming crayons, but rather an innate desire to eat what we think is pleasant or pleasing (and definitely describes why kids were eating Tide Pods for a while). When you came across Black Diamond Sherbet, that might be one of things on your mind. A beautiful (and expensive) hunk of glistening rock that’s flavored like classic ice cream. It’s just one of those strains you’ve just got to try.

In reality, this strain get its name from its parents. It’s a cross between Black Diamond OG (a wonderful specimen that allows consumers to become more sociable and giggly) and Sunset Sherbet (a dutiful pain reliever for a variety of medical conditions that is related to Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties). Referred to as the “golden era of cookie crosses,” Black Diamond Sherbet is a mouthwatering hunk of nug.

This strain is so covered with trichomes that it almost appears to look purple in color. Underneath is a wild growth of dark green leaves, which creates a jungle of density that smells of both diesel and dessert. If you stick around long enough to truly get a whiff of what this strain has to offer, you might also detect earthy and almost grape-like flavors too.

Reviewers noted that this strain was so thick that it must have been very difficult to cure, as it retained some of its oily properties even after being left to dry. Still, using a tried-and-true grinder allows this to be properly prepared for an evening in. Black Diamond Sherbet is highly recommended to those who need large amounts of THC in their medicine. Newbies need not apply in this case. Chronic pain, insomnia and other conditions will be temporarily relieved with a dose from this indica beauty, allowing patients to truly relax.