Strain of the Week: 24k Gold

If you’re feeling like gold and shimmering bling, treat yourself to the luxurious indica-dominant strain that is called 24k Gold. While you’re at it, you might as well embrace a gold theme for your next session and roll it up in Shine 24K Gold papers.

Showering yourself with jewelry can boost your self-esteem, although most people can’t afford solid gold. If you can’t afford jewelry for your loved ones, get them the next best thing, the 24k Gold. This bright and fragrant flower is sure to brighten any cannabis lover’s day. This indica-dominant hybrid was expertly cultivated, which is evident as soon as you unscrew the lid and inhale the strain’s sweet, citrus scent. A blend of Tangie and Kosher Kush, the cultivar is about 60 percent indica, and the indica effects appear to dominate the overall experience.

With THC levels climbing up to 25 percent, this isn’t a strain for the light-hearted or for beginners. It is ideal, however, for those who need an upgrade in their flower selection. Its best selling point, however, is its beautiful flavor that should be  

This flower’s lovely lemon flavor will pair well with lemon bars, which tend to be a staple during spring celebrations. The fragrance is similar, with a blend of lemon and tangerine notes. Not only does it have a fantastic fragrance, but the CULTURE team also noticed, after sampling it in a water pipe, that this 24k Gold is delicious tasting, and the effects are stunning. Relaxing, blissful, and with an undercurrent of bright energy, this is the perfect social flower for the season.

Citrusy cultivars like 24K Gold are perfect for culinary pairing, and perfect for pairing with citrusy cocktails as well. If taste is at the top of your criteria when selecting cannabis offerings, you’ll probably enjoy this selection.

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