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Strain & Edible Reviews

These buds glitter like diamonds and deliver a taste to match. This superior strain—from our friends at Nature’s Green Cure in Santa F





These buds glitter like diamonds and deliver a taste to match. This superior strain—from our friends at Nature’s Green Cure in Santa Fe Springs—is loaded with amber and white trichomes and delivers a great body high. The taste is reminiscent of the tropical notes of a fine cognac or a Pinot noir—simply delicious. While you might want to sample this tasty bud freely, remember it comes with quite a punch. NGC Private Reserve is the “house” strain at Nature’s Green Cure and the hybrid consists of 85 percent indica, 15 percent sativa. This is potent stuff that is ideal to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, nausea, anorexia, PMS, muscle spasms, cancer, glaucoma and chronic pain.



Exclusive OG “had me at hello” with its amazing aroma and beauty—I couldn’t wait to taste it. The light-green, orange and frosty trichomes tasted like a garden cornucopia. This incredible bud measured up at 80 percent indica and delivers a totally awesome hit. This is a special strain—from CPR Collective in Lake Elsinore—that makes you want to say, “thank you,” to its caring growers—especially after you experience the great body and head high the final product delivers. Exclusive OG’s medicinal properties can help with ailments such as multiple sclerosis, anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms and stomach disorders. Again, kudos to the growers.



This is a well-balanced and flavorful bud that you are going to thoroughly enjoy smoking. The strain comes tightly packed and delivers luscious hits. Purplicious is wonderfully frosty and it has a delicate and subtle taste that simply begs to be savored. This is an “easy to be with” strain. Surprisingly—for an indica—this is a hit you can enjoy during the day and avoid the feeling of being “couched.” Purplicious—available at Green Dragon in Van Nuys—will prove an effective remedy for patients seeking relief from nausea, muscle spasms and PMS.



You will experience an interesting “up” with this amazing, peppy strain. This bud possesses a nicely balanced flavor that makes for a great smoke. A subtle hint of the Diesel taste makes this is a fantastic bud to try. The Casey Jones strain is mostly sativa (80 percent) and comes with a fast-acting cerebral rush and a feel-good high (great for brainstorming). This impressive strain (supplied from our friends at Orange County Patients Collective in Westminster) consists of dense buds with purple-colored stalks. Be careful: Casey Jones packs a big flavor and it has a good mule-kick to match. This truly tasty smoke will not disappoint and this strain can be used for treating headaches, anxiety and arthritis.



These absolutely delightful baked goods were a thoroughly pleasant surprise. Since we were expecting a very potent edible—and thus, a very “weedy” taste—we were taken aback when we discovered several things. First, these medicated cinnamon rolls were very tasty; warm them up in the microwave for about 15 seconds and they’ll serve as a decadent, rich snack all on their own with the roll’s fluffy, spongy texture and the creamy, sweet white frosting. If these were un-medicated, I’d still be all over them. The second thing we discovered was how pleasantly strong they were—apparently well situated in the indica side of the fence as the body high and sedative properties were paramount—and impressive. Sweet and strong—what more can you ask from a scrumptious edible?



Wow. Again, wow. That’s about how we had to size up these Cannabis Extract Capsules. Consisting of organic butter and 100mg of cannabis flowers (the sativa pills come packed with Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze and Pineapple Thai; the indica with Granddaddy Purple, Afgoo and Purple Kush), these delightful capsules netted several results. One solitary, single pill put one of our reviewers into the stratosphere—and he was still feeling the glow the day after. Impressed? Someone else tossed five of the sativa capsules down the hatch and experienced that Holy Grail of Sativas: the thoroughly potent but thoroughly lucid high. I’m talking crystal-clear, diamond-sharp, surgically precise lucidity. Everyone talks about sativa medication that allows you to enjoy the medicinal effects but still go about your business without muddying up your mind too much. These pills are the real deal. Wow.