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Strain and Edible Reviews

Pure OG
We’d heard this indica-dominant variety from Green Medi Works in Long Beach was good, so we checked it out. The verdict? Good just isn’t the




Pure OG

We’d heard this indica-dominant variety from Green Medi Works in Long Beach was good, so we checked it out. The verdict? Good just isn’t the word. This astonishingly powerful indica-dominant variety is first-class medicine by every measure:  earthy-sweet perfume, robust flavor and a devastating stone that comes on fast and lingers long.

Like most high-quality indicas, Pure OG produces a sleepy full-body high that soothes aching muscles and joints and relaxes the nerves—in other words, perfect for chronic pain sufferers and insomniacs. But it also has the unexpected side effect of improving mood—this is happy-time, gee-ain’t-life-grand medicine. That makes it an outstanding remedy for patients dealing with the stress of particularly serious afflictions, like cancer and glaucoma.


Cherry Kush

The “cherry” in this strain from People’s Medicinals Cooperative in Corona comes by way of a delicious aftertaste reminiscent of cherry cough drops—the overtone itself is clean and sweet, with an under-note of menthol. But forget all that—what really matters is that two hits of this outstanding sativa will leave you feeling like you’ve died and gone to kush heaven. Remarkably stress-free for a sativa, the cerebral high hits instantly and elevates the senses to the next level of stoniness.

A lot of work went into making Cherry Kush the masterpiece that it is—we’re told it’s the product of years of patient cultivation, and we believe it. From the aesthetic beauty of the buds themselves (long and dense, frosted-green and threaded throughout with reddish tendrils) to its mahogany-wood aroma to its crisp, smooth burn, it’s one of the best strains we’ve tried in a long time. It’s an excellent medicine or patients with debilitating afflictions, like chronic migraines, who can’t afford to lay on the couch all day.



A house specialty of Santa Ana’s Green Coast Wellness Center, this variety is a descendent of the hugely popular HKS and Northern Lights—and it shows. Almost white in appearance, dense, fruity to the taste buds and sticky to the touch, 2010 is one of those indica-dominant hybrids you look at and just know it’s a powerhouse. And a powerhouse it is, producing a euphoric buzz that’s so strong that it rocks your mind like a sativa along with its full-body-high indica effect.

A fast-burning weed, the strain is great for medicating via a water pipe or vaporizer. Notice the perfectly white ash it leaves after burning—the telltale sign of fine-quality, unadulterated cannabis. Its potency and long-lasting stone makes it ideal for treating anxiety, migraines and insomnia, while its smooth, easy-on-the-lungs smoke is just right for those with respiratory ailments.


Super GDP

The exact lineage of this indica-heavy hybrid is unclear, but its deep purple color suggests the famous Grape Ape is part of the family tree. Wherever it came from, Super GDP is definitely a strain to watch out for in 2010. Skunky, with almost perfectly round buds heavy with resin, this house specialty of OC Health & Wellness Center in Anaheim is almost too beautiful to smoke. But if you don’t, you’ll miss out on the sweet, lavender flavor and one wild ride.

If you’re in need of no-nonsense, industrial-strength medication, reach for Super GDP. The stone starts in the pleasure centers of the brain and works downward, eventually wrapping your entire body in a cocoon of syrupy joy. It’s so potent that we strongly suggest you plan your activities accordingly. As such, it’s a great pain remedy for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients, and those living with multiple sclerosis.


Chronic Snickerdoodle Pizookie

If you’re like us, your first reaction to seeing a Chronic Snickerdoodle Pizookie will probably be to doubt whether it’s for real. At about 9 inches in diameter, it’s certainly the largest medicated cookie we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t look like it contains “16 high doses of cannabis”—meaning it’s not green; it just looks like a cinnamon and vanilla cookie. But after sampling it, we’re here to tell you it’s as real as it gets.

One could plan a party around this cookie—a big party, with balloons and DJs and clowns and everything. Invite the neighbors. It’s made of all-natural ingredients, including two kinds of cannabis-based enhancers—so don’t let the delicious taste fool you: This is an extremely medicated edible that sets in after just 20 or so minutes. We suggest starting with just a small piece to see how it affects you before trying more. It’s available at BP Medical Solutions in Lake Elsinore.


MaMa Leary’s Caramel Corn

The medicinal properties of this deliciously chewy-crunchy treat from South Coast Patients Center in Santa Ana treat shouldn’t be underestimated. It takes about 30 minutes to set in, but just how it lasts is anyone’s guess—we fell asleep an hour after consuming it. That’s probably a statement in itself: For patients with insomnia or chronic pain, this is the edible snack you’ve been looking for.

A lot of medicated foods out there appear insanely potent, but turn out to be rather ho-hum in effect. MaMa Leary’s Caramel Corn is the exact opposite. It looks innocent enough, but one bite and you’ll know you’re venturing into territory where it’s best not to operate heavy machinery. The powerful cannabis aftertaste gives way to an even more powerful, indica-like high that leaves you relaxed and ready for a fun evening—on the couch.