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Steve DeAngelo, Marley Brothers and More Launch Last Prisoner Project




The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) was announced on Sept. 24 by Founder Steve DeAngelo with plans to help people who have been convicted and jailed because of cannabis crimes.

The LPP’s ambitious goal is to assist every single person on the planet who was convicted of a cannabis crime, allowing them to finally leave hail and return to their lives. According to the LPP website, there are an estimated 400,000 people in the U.S. alone who have been sent to jail because of a cannabis related crime. “Those of us fortunate enough to find success and build wealth in the cannabis industry have an opportunity to make sure that every single cannabis prisoner is released and supported through the process of rebuilding their lives by providing support for clemency, expungement and re-entry programs,” Steve DeAngelo told Forbes.

A variety of leaders and celebrities in the cannabis industry have stepped forward to support LPP, including Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Mary Bailey, Corvain Cooper, Dan Dalton, Andrew DeAngelo, Nabil Elderkin, Sarah Gerstein, Dennis Hunter, Evelyn Lachapelle, Robert Laurie, Eric Rachmany, Dean Raise, Tajira Rehmatullah and Torie Wallace.

The organization breaks the process down into three categories. First, “Clemency,” with a focus on releasing anyone who was incarcerated for cannabis related crimes that are no longer illegal. “Second,” Re-entry, providing those individuals with the proper training and resources to start their lives once again. Finally, “Advocacy,” craft and support legislation which grants the freedom of all cannabis prisoners and supporting those who need assistance in the process.

The official launch LPP announcement arrived right in the middle of National Expungement Week, but it isn’t the first time that LPP has been mentioned. In July, DeAngelo partnered with Jim Belushi for a launch fundraiser event.

Now, the LPP is currently seeking $350,000 to fund this effort. Interested parties who want to support the organization can donate or find opportunities to volunteer at