Staying Cool with Hemp and Cannabis

Summer has kicked off and so has the heat. As many head to the beach, embark on exotic travels and spend endless amounts of time in the sunshine, it’s important to include a few key items to beat the heat. This summer, consider switching out traditional products for those made with cannabis to be kinder to mother nature. Take a peek at some of our top summer cannabis items and start this season with a splash!

Hemp-Made Sun Hats

Escape UV rays while giving back to the planet by investing in an eco-friendly sun hat made of 100 percent of hemp material. Unlike other materials commonly found in our clothing items, hemp does not shed micro-plastics that would later end up in our water supply. Compared to more common materials like cotton, hemp needs less water to grow! Plus, the material naturally absorbs perspiration, so your head is less likely to feel sticky and uncomfortable as it might with a hat made from another fabric. With industrial hemp making a comeback due to calls for new farming legislation, its accessibility will soon be more abundant than ever.

SPF Cannabis Topicals

Sunbathe safely and give some love to your skin with a cannabis-infused sunscreen. Applying cannabis topicals with UVA and UVB protection can help to avoid aging skin, cell damage and the probability of developing skin cancer, all while taking advantage of the long summer days. Applying an SPF topical to your skin that also contains cannabidiol can aid in reducing pain and inflammation due to the healing properties of cannabidiol. Alternatively, investing in sunblock with hemp seed oil will show your skin some extra love. Hemp seed oil has fatty acids that absorb into the skin, keeping it supple and moisturized. If any cannabis consumers are looking for an extra mood boost, sunscreens made with THC can also be found with various retailers. Encourage healthy skin and an elevated mood with any of these awesome topical products.

Hemp Swimwear

Whether it’s an ocean, pool or lake, we’ll all be looking to dip into the refreshing temperatures a cool swim can provide in the midst of a heatwave. Instead of going back to the same old swimwear with chemicals integrated within the fabric, keep your swimwear ocean-friendly and consider shopping online for hemp-made swimsuits. Hemp and cotton are both natural fibers, however cultivators often bombard cotton with “pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.” This poses a risk to health of agricultural workers and water safety overall. Not to mention, hemp clothing is more durable and made to last compared to other fabrics. As a result, a hemp-made bathing suit is likely to withstand multiple swims without wearing out.

Cannabis Pool Toys

Once you’ve massaged in your cannabis-infused sunblock and thrown on your fashionable and eco-friendly hemp bathing suit, float away on any one of these themed cannabis pool toys. Layout for a nap on an inflatable cannabis leaf or take a leafy green inner tube to float down the river during labor day weekend. While neither of these items contain any traces of actual cannabis, they make a fun addition to any pool party or beach trip you may find yourself at this season.

Sip on Something Sweet

Rising temperatures may leave taste buds dry and thirsty for an ice-cold drink. At CULTURE we love to provide unique and refreshing recipes for any occasion, including crisp beverages to quench any thirst that comes during a hot summer day. Check out our infused cannabis recipes for the perfect mojito, a delightful blueberry lemonade spritzer and a raspberry Collins to kick your cocktails up a notch at the next cookout.

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