Staying Cool in the Pool How to infuse your summer pool party with hemp and cannabis

We’re in the midst of the summer season, and temperatures are soaring high—and even above 100 degrees in many regions. If you are lucky enough to have a pool at home or nearby, the water can definitely offer you some relief from the scorching heat. While you’re at it, if you’re responsible, and legally adult, why not also consume your favorite herb while poolside? It can be a great way to keep your pool party full of laughter, fun and euphoric memories. Here are several ways to have your own wet and wild cannabis pool party this summer.

D.I.Y. Popsicles

As more states legalize cannabis, more and more chefs, bakers and culinary minds open up to the endless possibilities of cannabis-infused edibles. One way to kick things up a notch, and cool down your party goers with cannabis-infused DIY popsicles. You can keep things simple by making single flavors like strawberry or grape, or get fancy, and mix up a tropical fruit juice popsicle using mangos and pineapples.

Ice Cream Social

Your cannabis-themed pool party can also become a D.I.Y. cannabis ice cream social. There is an entire world of cannabis ice cream to be tasted! Now, you can become a true pro and make your own cannabis-infused ice cream at home. However, if you want to choose the easiest route, you can find pre-made adult-only infused ice cream products at your local dispensaries or retail locations in certain states as well.

Cool Hits

Since it is hot outside, you may want to enjoy the smoke of cannabis, but without the harsh heat and burning of the hot smoke from a pipe. Thanks to innovative glass water pipes, adding ice to these pieces can significantly cool down your hit. There are many water pipes with ice chambers found online and at local retail shops.

Float in Style

Pools seem naked without some type of pool float. So, if you’re already going to the deep end and want to really see the smoke on the water, invest in a novelty Pot Leaf Pool Float, found online and in retail stores. People will smile, get a laugh and maybe even take a selfie.

Hemp to Protect

It’s almost a guarantee that if you are going to be in the pool on a hot sunny day, without sunscreen you’re in for some after party sunburn. Normally, any old sunscreen might be fine and dandy, but since this is a green pool party, why not try using hemp-infused sunblock. This product contains little to no THC, but among other reasons to use this over conventional sunblock is the use of natural compounds, and skin protective essential oils and amino acids founding the hemp plant.

Barbecue Basics

We all know that consuming cannabis can all too often leads to scarfing down snacks via the munchies, so why not get creative and use cannabis as a sidenote to some of your main dishes. Serve ribs or other grilled meats with a cannabis-infused smoky barbecue sauce. Or, why not bring out some cannabutter, add in garlic, herbs, and perhaps Parmesan cheese, and use it to top grilled corn or other veggies. The possibilities are endless. Use your mind, and be creative.

Safety First

  • To ensure the safety of everyone, only adults ages 21 and over should be invited to cannabis-infused pool parties.
  • Always keep in mind, less is more, there is no need to infuse cannabis into every food dish.
  • Be extremely cautious when consuming cannabis around water, be sure there is at least one sober person who is acting as a lifeguard, and make sure people know how to swim, or at least have them stay in the shallow end.
  • Lastly, be extra careful when handling or using glass pieces, especially fragile bongs or water pipes. The last thing anyone wants is broken glass on the floor or in your pool.

All in all, if the right precautions are taken and your guests consume in a responsible manner, adding cannabis to the next pool shindig will enhance the water’s effect. Have fun, but consume responsibly out there.

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