Starlight Mundy – San Diego Advocate Highlight

Name: Starlight Mundy

Occupation: Founder and Creator at Rebel Mota; Owner and Rogue Leader at Rogue Mettle

When and how did you become an advocate for cannabis?

I’ve been a cannabis consumer for the majority of my adulthood. Advocacy became a priority of mine about five years ago when I started actively engaging in the industry.

I have always been of the opinion that if adults want to have safe access to cannabis, they should have it. It wasn’t until I started getting to work in the industry that I realized how much more work was needed to get to that goal. So it became part of my company and consulting ethos.

How has cannabis benefited your life?

Cannabis has most benefited me socially and spiritually. I’ve always been grateful for quiet corners with like-minded people, sharing a joint and getting to know people. The community supported, communally-driven vibe that cannabis consumption involves has kept me surrounded by new friends wherever life may take me. There’s something wonderful about a plant that helps you make friends, no matter the circumstance.

What’s your greatest achievement for the cannabis cause?

I really hope my greatest achievement for the cannabis cause is ahead of me. I still have so much more that I plan to do. It’s hard for me to know how I have affected the cause without relying on the testimony of others.

The part of advocacy that brings me the most delight is introducing new patients to the plant. I have often introduced a close friend to the wonders of cannabis and watched as they begin a new relationship with their body and natural plant medicine. The process involved in getting a new patient connected with the medicine they can benefit from is complex; there is much reward in navigating someone through it to success and health on the other side.

Who do you look up to or admire?

There are so many people I deeply admire for their tenacity during these tectonic changes within the cannabis industry (and the world at large). Bravery in the face of change, innovative spirit, courage in the face of the unknown, collaborative nature and a willingness to buck the trend of quick-and-easy for the greater good.

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