Available at Left Coast Collective in Pacific Beach.


ffering patients the best of both worlds, Starfighter from Left Coast Collective in Pacific Beach is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts an impressive 28.5 percent THC. Fully encompassed in trichromes and complemented with a generous draping of orange hairs which showcase the dense, bulky bud—and it tastes every bit as good as it looks. At first hit, it is bright and citrus-like, and the second hit provides a pleasantly surprising spicy note. The effect is incredibly cerebrally potent, and yet still allows the user to be functional and very focused. Anyone in
search of pain management, who also needs to remain in complete cognitive control, would greatly benefit from Starfighter. It comes as no surprise that its parent strains are the Lemon Alien Hawg and the Alien Tahoe OG, because it is simply out of this world. Also as an added bonus, all eighths come packaged in a complimentary glass jar.

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