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Stanley Cup Champion Darren McCarty Launches Cannabis Gummy Line



Fans of four-time Stanley Cup champion and former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty know his passion for cannabis and its benefits. Now, the former hockey player is moving further into the cannabis space with a new line of gummies in collaboration with Pincanna, which dropped last week, according to a news release.

The “for the people” gummy line offers all types of experiences to consumers, created based on McCarty’s own lifestyle with several varieties: Power Play (THC), Intermission (CBD), Game Day (THC and CBD), Shut Out (CBN and THC) and Lights Out (CBD and CBN).

“For my everyday wellness routine, I turn to the cannabis plant to give me energy, help me relax, ease my aches and pains and help me sleep,” McCarty said. “Our new gummy lineup has something for everyone—from the everyday cannabis user to those who haven’t ever experienced the benefits of cannabis before.  I’m pumped about the addition of CBN in two of the combinations, which is the new frontier for those who are looking for a restful night’s sleep.”

He partnered with Pincanna back in 2020 to launch a line of Darren McCarty-branded pre-rolls as well.

The gummies will initially be sold at Pincanna Stores in East Lansing and Kalkaska, Michigan. The Greenhouse of Walled Lake was also part of the product launch, featuring a special appearance by McCarty on January 7. The 10-pack gummies will soon come to numerous dispensaries throughout Michigan, and the CBD and CBN combination will be sold in the coming months online at

Robert Nusbaum, the founding partner of Pincanna, commented on the new gummies, “All of us at Pincanna are extremely excited about the opportunity Darren’s gummy collection brings to our product offerings. Darren is a true cannabis ambassador and the accessibility of these gummies will help him spread the word even more about all the great things cannabis has to offer.”

Pincanna is one of Michigan’s leading, vertically-integrated cannabis companies, having won more that 50 Cannabis Cup awards for its strains. Its cultivation and manufacturing facility is under construction on 185 acres in Pinconning, Michigan, incorporating the company’s 145,000-square-good cultivation space with their manufacturing facility, focused on producing concentrates, edibles, topicals and more.

The company plans to open additional Pincanna market retail stores, in addition to its East Lansing and Kalkaska location, in the coming months.

McCarty has been a vocal proponent of the healing effects of cannabis, crediting the plant to helping him overcome struggles with alcoholism. He told Insider he was able to balance his binge drinking and alcoholism during his hockey career, but once he retired in 2009, his addiction and habits escalated out of control to life-threatening levels.

“I was 280 pounds,” McCarty said. “My blood pressure when I was in the hospital was 265 over 145. I should be dead.”

In November 2015, he decided to do a seven-day detox in his garage under the care of his wife Sheryl Simmons, who also acted as his nurse. The key ingredient to get McCarty through detox was Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, a cannabis-oil product with high levels of THC.

“It had to go down to me literally being on my death bed,” McCarty said. “We used 10 to 15 grams of RSO for seven days until I woke up from a pretty much induced coma of RSO when I wasn’t puking or purging, and I got the physical addiction of alcohol out of my system.”

McCarty said he’s been alcohol free since and that cannabis played a key role in helping him overcome that addiction. He said he wants to share the science behind the drug with others in need of its remedies, including addiction treatment.

“It’s not the gateway drug—it’s an exit strategy,” McCarty said.