Stache Mister Twister Cotton Candy Infused Cone by GaGa Edibles Available wherever: GaGa Edibles products are carried.

Pop open this Stache Mister Twister Cotton Candy Infused Cone, which is emblazoned with a well-groomed mustache on the side, and you’ll know exactly what flavor this cone is infused with. The generous cone pre-roll is weighed in at one gram, making it plenty packed with flower for your smoking experience. The CULTURE team sparked up this sweet doobie and experienced the “stache” up close and personal. Just as the fragrance, the flavor is super powerful. The joint lasted a long time, and the effects were felt by the entire highly experienced three-person team, making it a potent pre-roll, worthy of even the hardest to please cannabis connoisseurs. The pre-roll burns with that pleasant cotton candy scent, helping to mask the cannabis scent somewhat, and making it more discreet than your average joint. The Stache Mister Twister Cotton Candy Infused Cone was perfect for use anywhere and everywhere you need a convenient and tasty cannabis pick-me-up.

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