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Sour Jilly Oil






Available wherever Gold Drop products are carried.

Don’t miss the drop! One of the biggest names in California extracts, Gold Drop, has some Sour Jilly nectar for its fans this February. This pricey, top-shelf extract comes in a tiny, gram jar and is listed at 83.45 percent THC, four times stronger than the strongest flower. It has a sweet, lime candy aroma, and works best with a dabber. It’s too viscous to flow into an oil pen or put on a joint or bowl. But boy does it dab—sweet, hyper-potent and dabsolutely fabulous on neck pain or depression. Gold Drop advertises a “0 ppm,” solvent-free extract, where “ppm” stands for “parts per million,” usually of butane. Gold Drop’s proprietary technique—which likely involves some form of distillation—results in a very pure, very high potency oil, that is then treated with terpenes to boost flavor.